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Greater Grays Harbor Programs

Greater Grays Harbor is dedicated to helping your business succeed. To that end, we have a number of programs for our members to participate in.

Networking Opportunities

Every month Greater Grays Harbor offers Business After Hours in partnership with a local business. Appetizers are served, prizes are distributed and local business leaders get to meet and greet in a relaxed setting. Generally 50 people or more will show up at these events, they’re just that popular.

Shop Harbor First

Greater Grays Harbor promotes a 'Harbor First' mentality when it comes to doing business, and bears it out with our "Shop the Harbor First" program. We put out ads during the shopping season reminding people that when they shop, they should stop in our local retail establishments. We talk about it on local radio shows. We brand our stationary and promotional materials with a "Shop the Harbor First" logo. And our networking programs are especially intended to connect local businesses with each other for trade.