Favorite, Not Just an Adjective

August 2017 - When Sheri Jones and Mike Lawson opened a tiny in-home screen-printing shop and online store, they never anticipated that 11 years later they would be purchasing a home in Aberdeen and running their own produce stand.

Mike and Sheri’s business, Favorite’s Fresh Produce, is open to the Grays Harbor community in Aberdeen’s Harbor Square, located at 1401 Simpson Ave. The company has its own T-shirt Line, Wiener Tales and wood art business, Wood-N-Tails. These two small business owners take great pride in the niche that they have introduced in Grays Harbor. With affordable, quality organics, conventional produce, convenience items for last minute stops, quirky local gifts, handmade art and a real sense of family, Favorite’s is becoming a popular stop on your way in to or out of Aberdeen.

Sheri’s grandparents, Millie and Les Favorite who are the namesakes of the new shop, grew up on a farm in Danville, IL, where Sheri’s mother spent most of her younger years. Now permanent residents on the Harbor, Sheri and Mike have the goal of creating a friendly atmosphere with the added perks of special orders, hard to find specialty items and affordable quality over quantity.

As the summer season progresses, expect to see more locally grown items available, such as Spooner Berry Farm’s berries, along with a steadily growing organic section. Stop by one afternoon, have a chat with Sheri and Mike and tell them your favorites. You just might find something new in the shop the next time you come in!

Favorite’s Fresh Produce is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm, and on Sundays from 11 am to 6 pm (parking in the rear on Aberdeen Ave). Take advantage of Senior and Military Discounts on Tuesdays for 15% off of your purchase, as well as free delivery for seniors, vets and housebound individuals.

Questions? Call (360) 580-2201, or find more information on Facebook under Favorite’s Fresh Produce and Gifts.