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Business Forum - The Path Forward – Strategies for Creating the Economy of Tomorrow

May 2016 - Greater Grays Harbor’s Monthly Business Forum Lunch, “The Path Forward – Strategies for Creating the Economy of Tomorrow,” featured Jenna Boyd, Sarah Coffey, and Carrie Stokes, graduate students from the University of Washington, Evans School of Public Policy. They presented the results from their capstone project and accompanying report. In the presentation, they outlined strategies communities can take to help support small business and create a more vibrant community to live in and work. Some of these topics included downtown revitalization, recreation-based tourism, placemaking, and community asset mapping – a process where a community inventories the strengths and assets of a community in an effort to build and strengthen those advantages. Use the links below to read the full report and see the PowerPoint Presentation from today’s Business Forum Lunch.

Community Economic Development in Grays Harbor County Report
May Business Forum Lunch PowerPoint Presentation

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