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March Business of the Month – Umpqua Bank Branch in Montesano

March 2016 - Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. is pleased to announce Umpqua Bank – Montesano Branch as our March Business of the Month.

Umpqua Bank has been serving Grays Harbor for over 10 years and believes in investing in its community. “Investing is who we are, what we are, and why we are – but we’re not talking about your money. We’re talking about shaping our neighborhoods and engaging with our neighbors through community giving and community action,” according to Umpqua’s website.

One example of their commitment to giving and community action is reflected in their “Connect Volunteer Network.” Through this program, Umpqua Bank Associates can donate up to 40 paid hours of volunteer service to youth programs, schools, and community development organizations in Grays Harbor.

Each year Umpqua staff support a variety of Montesano organizations and community traditions. Last year Umpqua staff participated in Montesano High School’s Business Week and the Montesano Festival of Lights, while volunteering for the Children’s Advocacy Center, Montesano Community Outreach and many more.

When asked why Greater Grays Harbor is important to their business, branch manager Ken Albert said, “Greater Grays Harbor is a great way to stay up to date on trends and potential growth in our area. I like to be informed about decisions that are affecting Grays Harbor.”

The Business of the Month is based on excellence in image, employee relations, community services, support of Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. and customer service. Only 12 of these prestigious awards are presented each year.

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