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GGHI Debuts Energy Program

Jan. 4, 2013

Callie White

Marketing & Communications Director, Greater Grays Harbor, Inc.

Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. is proud to debut a new program that residents and businesses can take advantage of to save money and energy: Greater Grays Harbor Energy. This program offers an enhanced energy audit, rebates, and help finding contractors and rebates through our partners at the Grays Harbor PUD.

“A lot of people are interested in weatherizing their homes to save money on energy bills, but don’t know what kinds of improvements they need to make to get the greatest benefit,” said Rick Jackson, GGHI’s energy specialist. “With the HomePLUS energy audits, we can use a thermal imaging camera to find exactly where the problem areas are and how to fix them, which saves on your energy bills. When you add in the rebates you can get for the work, you’re saving even more money.”

Jackson will be responsible for connecting those interested in upgrades with qualifying contractors and rebates available.

“Because this is a program to spur not only energy savings but jobs, it’s critical for contractors who are not approved by the PUD who are interested in this work to get the necessary certifications,” Jackson said. “We have a strong Shop the Harbor First ethic at Greater Grays Harbor, and we want to see this market develop here.”

Enhanced energy audits will be performed by the PUD with a thermal imaging camera purchased by the program. The program is funded through Washington State University, and will only run through June. With limited time and funds, now is the time to call 532-7888 and ask for Rick Jackson.

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