Art and Culture

The Harbor is close enough to the Puget Sound to see big-name shows and do highbrow events for a night. But there is a thriving arts community right here, with a network of music teachers and artists. It is impossible to get bored on the Harbor, with events on every weekend in the summer and many weekends in the winter.

Performance and Music

Grays Harbor County cultivates its talent. Although many of the local performing groups are comprised of volunteers, the level of talent and skill in performance are extraordinary. Some of the regular performance theaters include:

  • The Bishop Center for the Performing Arts at Grays Harbor College provides regular performances in its modern 440 seat theater. In addition to performances by the Grays Harbor Symphony Orchestra and the Grays Harbor Civic Choir, programs include ballet, opera, jazz, theater, classical and popular music, lectures and family attractions.
  • The Driftwood Theatre is home to the Driftwood Players, a volunteer theatre company that presents five plays during the year that play for one month each.
  • The Elma Theatre is a 600 seat theater that is now home to the Elma Children's Theater Association.
  • The 7th Street Theatre is a meticulously restored 1928 atmospheric theater, which serves real butter on its popcorn and has “stars” that shine from the ceiling. The theatre hosts numerous productions and two movie series, and it holds an annual youth performance camp.
  • The D&R Theatre in downtown Aberdeen has undergone extensive renovations, and now is host to frequent shows by national acts like Robert Cray, the B-52s, Wynonna Judd and many, many more.

Festivals and Events

Every week, it seems, one of the communities in Grays Harbor is hosting a festival or major event. Some of the most prominent ones are:


The Timberland Regional Library is a unique system of 27 branch libraries ranging over five western Washington counties. The library system offers computer access to its collection of 1.2 million books and other materials available through interlibrary loans. Except for Ocean Shores, which has its own library, branches are found in all the major incorporated areas, Amanda Park and Oakville.


There are numerous museums including:

  • The Aberdeen Museum of History in Aberdeen has special exhibits featuring turn-of-the-century photos, artifacts, furnishings and implements.
  • The Chehalis Historical Museum in Montesano was built as a Scandinavian Lutheran church in 1906. It provides displays of historical artifacts.
  • The McCleary Museum displays historical photographs, artifacts and seasonal exhibits.
  • The Polson Museum in Hoquiam is a 26 room, restored mansion containing antiques and area history. It also has a new logging camp facility to show how timber was harvested and milled in the early 20th Century.
  • The Westport Maritime Museum in Westport was a Coast Guard station built in 1940. It features photographs and artifacts of shipwrecks, Coast guard life, whale skeletons and a functioning class #1 (the largest made) Fresnel lighthouse lens. Separate rooms are devoted to the Timber, Fishing and Cranberry industries.